Redefining business models

The book “Redefining business models: Strategies for a financialized world” adopt an accounting perspective to describe the interaction between the business model and capital markets for a focal firm, its industry and the nation state.

In the advanced economies credit based financial systems coupled with malleable accounting systems disconnect capitalization and wealth accumulation from GDP trajectories and financial surplus. This is the product of economic, financial and cultural imperatives that privilege and encourage financial leverage for wealth accumulation.

This text re-works business models for a financialized world and presents a distinctive insight into the way in which national, corporate and focal firm business models have adapted and evolved. It also shows how, in the current financial crisis, financial disturbances can be amplified, transmitted and made porous, by accounting systems, threatening economic stability. By making visible the tensions and contradictions embedded in this process of economic development, a loose business model conceptual framework is constructed that is also grounded in accounting.

The book published by Routledge 2012 was written together with Professor Colin Haslam, Dr Nick Tsitsianis and Dr Ya Ping Yin. Read more about the book at Routledge – Redefining business models. fffffffffffffff