RVA Consulting has contributed to a number of reports, academic papers and books focusing on accounting frameworks for finance and strategy related to carbon footprint, business models and financialization.

Carbon footprint:

  • Accounting for carbon and reframing disclosure: A business model approach (paper 2004).
  • Mapping Carbon-Financial Risk Exposure in the FTSE 2006 -2013 (report 2014).
  • Accounting for carbon risk in the FTSE 100: Reinforcing disclosure (report 2013).

Business models:

  • Accounting for business models: Increasing the visibility of stakeholders (paper).
  • Accounting for the financialized UK and US national business models (paper)
  • Apples financial success: The precariousness of power exercised in global value chains (paper).
  • Redefining business models: Strategies in a financialized world (book 2012).
  • The private equity business model: On terra firma or shifting sand? (paper 2012)
  • Bio-pharma: A financialized business model (paper 2010)


  • Corporate strategy financialized: Conjuncture, arbitrage and earnings capacity (paper 2010).
  • When it comes to the crunch: What are the drivers of the US banking crisis (paper 2009).
  • Financialization directing strategy (paper 2008).
  • A financialized account of corporate governance (book chapter 2008).
  • Financialized accounts: A stakeholder account of cash distribution in the S&P500 1990 to 2005 (paper 2007).
  • Financialized accounts: Share buy-back, mark to market and holding the financial line in the S&P 500 (paper 2007).
  • Financialized accounts: Restructuring and return on capital employed in the S&P 500 (paper 2006).