Increasing the visibility of stakeholders

The academic paper ”Accounting for Business Models: Increasing the Visibility of Stakeholders” conceptualises a firm’s business model employing stakeholder theory as a central organising element to help inform the purpose and objective(s) of business model financial reporting and disclosure.

The paper’s argues that a firm’s business model is structured out of stakeholder relations. It presents the firm’s value proposition as the product of value creating, capturing and manipulating firm-stakeholder relationships.

The originality of this paper is that it calls into question the nature of the accounting conceptual framework. Business model financial reporting will involve reporting about material stakeholder relationships and how these impact upon the viability of a firm’s business model value proposition.

The published in Journal of Business Models 2014 was written together with Professor Colin Haslam, Dr Nick Tsitsianis and Dr Pauline Gleadle. Read more about the paper at Journal of Business Models – Increasing the visibility of stakeholders. ffff