Financialization publications

RVA Consulting focuses on financialization of corporates, and how it has changed strategic and financial management behaviour away from production into financial engineering for shareholder value. In particular, how fair value accounting introduces market volatility and impairment risk into corporate balance sheet, with implications for liquidity and solvency as a going concern during periods of financial crisis.

RVA Consulting has contributed to the following academic papers:

  • Corporate strategy financialized: Conjuncture, arbitrage and earnings capacity (paper 2010).
  • When it comes to the crunch: What are the drivers of the US banking crisis (paper 2009).
  • Financialization directing strategy (paper 2008).
  • A financialized account of corporate governance (book chapter 2008).
  • Financialized accounts: A stakeholder account of cash distribution in the S&P500 1990 to 2005 (paper 2007).
  • Financialized accounts: Share buy-back, mark to market and holding the financial line in the S&P 500 (paper 2007).
  • Financialized accounts: Restructuring and return on capital employed in the S&P 500 (paper 2006).