The RVA project (RVA) brings together practitioners with finance industry experience, regulatory impact assessment, and advanced software to generate innovative graphical-user interface (GUI). The objective is to provide users with a unique approach to visualizing financial performance and regulatory impact risk. This toolkit informs investors and financial institutions (FIs) about risks attached to their capital stack positions.

The work over the last 10 years has been to construct high quality robust benchmark datasets such as with our FTSE 100 and S&P500 datasets. RVA and Queen Mary University have operational datasets and software toolkits that rank a firm’s relative performance and have the ability to map a firm’s relative carbon-financial intensity.

The RVA toolkits are designed to inform investors/ financial institutions (FI’s) about their capital stack positions and the trade-offs between financial performance and carbon intensity. RVA can deploy and visualize composite firm performance metrics whereby firms can be compared to other firms, industry peers, members of their business model or compared to all members of a stock market index simultaneously across a range of performance metrics.