Business model publications

RVA Consulting focuses on accounting frameworks for business models, and in particular its value proposition in relation to major stakeholders. Within this field the aim is to increase the visibility of stakeholders for strategic arbitrage and financial risk exposures.

RVA Consulting has contributed to the following academic papers and books:

  • Accounting for business models: Increasing the visibility of stakeholders (paper 2015).
  • Accounting for the financialized UK and US national business models (paper 2014)
  • Apples financial success: The precariousness of power exercised in global value chains (paper 2013).
  • Redefining business models: Strategies in a financialized world (book 2012).
  • The private equity business model: On terra firma or shifting sand? (paper 2012)
  • Bio-pharma: A financialized business model (paper 2010)