RVA Consulting is a Swedish based management consulting firm, which conducts strategic and financial management consulting for corporate clients.

It was founded in Sweden 2006 by Dr Tord Andersson, based on practical financial industry experience and academic research utilising a value added econometric approach to business management issues.

Our approach are utilised within:

Strategic management for:

  • Business models, where it provides insights into a firms value proposition.
  • (e)Valuation, to provide insights from strategic foresight into strategic arbitrage conditions and options.

Financial management for:

  • Equity valuation, for M&A activates and restructuring of business operations.
  • Balanced Dashboard, to structure and provide insights from financial and non-financial flows.

Sustainability management for:

  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Integrated Reporting, by integration of sustainability measurement with financial accounts.
  • Carbon footprint benchmarking.